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Loikaw, the capital of Kayah state, is at an elevation of 1,200 meters. Unique inhabitants of the region are members of the Padaung ethnic group, the women of which are famous for their elongated necks fitted with layers of brass rings. The famous religious landmark of Loikaw is the Thiri-Mingalar Taung-kwe Pagoda Hill, scenically built on a hillock overlooking the vast expanse of the environs. You can watch the pilgrims and enjoy the marvelous landscape from the top.


Hsipaw also known as Thipaw, is a town in Shan State, Myanmar. It is 200 km or about 124 miles northeast of Mandalay. Hsipaw in the North of Shan State, at an elevation of 1370 feet, is cool in the evenings. The city has occupied several sites around the Dokhtawaddi River. It's fertile valley an ideal place to grow fruit and vegetables. Hsipaw is accessible by train, bus, or car and is a compact, picturesque town, base for excursions and treks to ethnic minority villages in the surrounding hills.


Mindat was a large village high up in the hills, adjacent to the Nat Ma Taung National Park, inhabited by Chin people. It is situated about 1500m above sea-level and so the Chins call themselves as "mountain people". It can be reached about 2 hours drive on bumpy road from the Nat Ma Taung. The nearby villages can be explored by hiking in order to observe the way of their living (They earn their living by hunting and farming in the mountain), tradition & culture of Chin ethnic group and famous Chin women with tattooed faces in different patterns as a fading tradition. You can return to Bagan on the different way along Mindat-Kyaukhtu-Saw Road viewing thriving physic nut, onion & potato plantations.


Kanpetlet is an old British settlement town and one of the beautiful towns in Chin States, the western part of Myanmar. It is situated 4560 ft above the sea level and the temperature is cool all year round. Regarding accommodation in this area, please do not expect any kind of luxury. Only simple and basic accommodation is available. We can reach there from Bagan by land route about 7 and half hours drive. We use Kanpetlet as a base camp before trekking tour to Mt Victoria. In the villages near Kanpetlet, start to see Chin tribe women wearing various pattern of tattoo on their face and attractive amber necklaces.