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Inle Lake & its environs

Inle Lake

Inle is a vast lake located in the heart of Shan State which climbs up to over 900 metres above sea level. It is significantly smaller compared to the main cities like Yangon and Mandalay. Although it does not have as many attractions it is an established tourist centre in the country. This is because Inle Lake presents its visitors a different side of Myanmar; it is an example of a rural countryside town that is calm and peaceful, perfect for a vacation of relaxation. The views are also amazing. Tourists get to see the diverse landscape of Myanmar through the areas that surrounds the lake. Just like in other places in Myanmar, most of the attractions in Inle Lake are pagodas. The Inthas, the inhabitants of the area, are totally different attraction for visitors. They are devout Buddhists and the pagodas frequently visited in their area are proof of their religious beliefs. Lastly, Inle Lake is home to a different kind of floating garden, something that visitors from all over the world delight to see.

Attractive Destination around Inle


Taunggyi is a capital of Shan State in Myanmar and stand 1430 meter above sea level. It is situated on a high plateau surrounded by high mountains. There are pines, cherry and eucalyptus trees growing all over the town and the whole area is green and pleasant. The most significant festival in Taunggyi is the annual Tazaungdine Lighting Festival (October/November) of which a feature is hot air balloon contests. The busiest part of Taunggyi is the Myoma Market a place where people from the environs used to flock only once every five days to buy and sell their regional products. It is also the gathering point of different national races residing in Taunggyi. The next one popular attraction is Kakku Pagoda Complex about 53km from Taunggyi which is hidden for 16 centuries in the wooded hills and Pa-O local people with charm smile attract thousands of visitors from all part of the country.


Pindaya is situated at 1164 meters above sea level and is 40-km from Kalaw. Pindaya is a small quiet town perched on the bank of the picturesque Botoloke Lake is surrounded by hill tribe villages settled by members of the Danu, Thaungyoe, Pa-O, Palaung and Shan races. Pindaya is famous for its workshops that produces Shan paper and monks' umbrellas and its extensive limestone caves which overlooking the Pindaya Lake and Shwe U Min Paya which is full of Buddha images of about 8000.


Kalaw stands high on the western edge of the Shan Plateau at 1320 meters above sea level. It is 70 km west of Taunggyi so pleasantly cool temperatures and there are plentiful of pine trees. This was a popular hill station in the British days and it is still a peaceful and quiet place that filled with trekking opportunities. The population is a mix of Burmese, Shan, Indian and Muslims.

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

The perfect nature-escape lies within 25km and 45min drive from Kalaw. Hike forest trails with local villager guides through bamboo groves, teak forests to the green forested valley where the Green Hill Valley elephant camp is situated. It can offer several 1-2 days eco-tourism activities and is also a home for several retired forestry elephants. Meet the oozies (elephant handlers), bathe with the elephants, feed the elephants and participate in tree re-planting.