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About Myanmar

Mingalarbar from Myanmar!

If you’re looking for a place that’s rich with cultures and natural attractions, then Myanmar is the place for you. Myanmar is well known as a golden land filled with numerous pagodas, temples and archaeological sites. Myanmar offers one of the world's best travel experiences.  The country has a rich culture vastly different to that of the West, unique traditions that have stood the test of time, majestic religious monuments and a fascinating, if at times tragic, history. The landscapes are diverse, from pristine beaches to towering mountains.

Myanmar is situated in Southeast Asia and has borders with China to the north and northeast; Laos and Thailand to the east and southeast and Bangladesh and India to the west. The Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal also surround the Myanmar costal region. Myanmar is a country full of rivers composing a great delta region. There are four main rivers crossing Myanmar, these are Ayeyarwaddy, Thanlwin, Chindwin and Sittaung River.

The Myanmar climate follows a monsoon pattern with three main seasons. The hot season is from March to May. At the end of this season, the average monthly temperature reaches over 35'C in many parts of Myanmar. The rainy season starts from June to October.  By July rains have brought the average temperature down to 29'C in Mandalay and 27'C in Yangon. The cold season is from November to February are the perfect months for travel. However, almost all attractions and destinations are suitable to visit year round as you can travel in all seasons.

The total area of Myanmar is 678,500 sq km and comprises of 7 states and 7 divisions. The population of Myanmar is estimated to be over 60 million. The main races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Burma, Rakhine and Shan. Most of them are Buddhist and also have other belief systems. All together there are 135 different national races with their colorful costumes and customs, traditional arts and crafts. All of these diverse peoples make Myanmar one of the most exotic and fascinating destination in Asia.

 The main cuisine of Myanmar is rice and curry. Burmese dishes are combined with Chinese and Indian a culinary tradition, that’s why local food is very spicy. The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for the elders, reverence for Buddhism and simple native dress. Myanmar people are contented and cheerful and known for their simple hospitality.


General Information

  • The country code is +95 and the internet access code is .mm.
  • Time Zone = MMT (UTC + 06:30)
  • International airports are in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw.
  • Business hour is usually from 9am to 5pm for private companies and 09:30~04:30 for government offices.
  • Major credit cards are not widely accepted and cash is more convenient. National currency is in kyat MMK.
  • Most common unit of measure is feet and inches.
  • Transportation is by domestic flight, highway bus, taxi and train for mostly and trishaw, horse carts and bicycles are also used.
  • Clothing should be light, casual cotton wear, sandals or slippers are best for summer, a cardigan or light jacket for winter and quick drying clothes and umbrella during the rainy season.